Professional aluminium foil containers

Professional aluminium foil containers are usually specifically designed for the food industry and the Ho.Re.Ca channel. In these fields, the department of Research and Development of a company is very significant because it has to be able to provide innovative and customized packaging solutions in terms of food cooking, storage and display. The main purpose should be to meet customers’ needs without forget the important subject of sustainability. Fostering positive consumer relations through sustainable initiatives generates brand value and improves a company’s image.

Aluminium food containers

The use of aluminium in professional food containers is becoming more popular. This has happened because aluminium is an excellent material with a number of advantages: it’s 100% recyclable, it’s high thermal conductivity and high resistance to heat, it provides a 100% water, gas, light and microbial barrier. In addition, it can be manufactured into a variety of shapes. For all these reasons, we can affirm that aluminium foil containers are ideal for transporting, storing, heating, presenting and serving food at table.

Aluminium Foil containers for food industry

Thanks to a wide range of products, Contital can supply a series of aluminium containers specifically realised for the food industry, in order to satisfy all sector requirements, from food service operators to mass market retailers. Our company offers: aluminium containers with folded corners to guarantee perfect cooking and baking, lacquered smoothwall trays that increase products’ shelf life and have a high resistance against acid and salty food, and reusable semi smoothwall containers suitable for the preparation of cakes and pies. If you’re interested in our products, please contact us!

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