Innovative lightweigt packaging

Reliability of our aluminium storage containers

Since 1991 Contital specializes in the production of aluminium storage containers , especially for food preservation.
The company “Contital” takes care of the whole production process, ensuring precision, professionalism and competence.
In the large company’s catalog there are lots of products created to offer customers a very valuable resource such as aluminium storage containers , useful to transport food safely, respecting the rules of hygiene.

The products of home Contital guarantee reliability and before being placed on the market, are subject to stringent and thorough testing, designed to certify the quality.
Our aluminium storage containers have a very durable frame and are designed to offer consumers a resource able to keep fresh foods that are contained within them. As aluminium storage containers are reusable, they are also useful to preserve the food in the freezer.
Moreover, given the choice between various types of trays (rectangular and round, of various sizes) you can purchase the product best suited to your needs!

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