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Resistance and confort of Aluminium Storage Containers

The aluminium storage containers produced by Contital have innovative design elements that provide greater durability and versatility. The products Contital are addressed to the food industry, which is why we design aluminium storage containers with a reinforced structure, so they provide superior performance in any context of use. Thanks to aluminum trays Contital you can forget the old standard of resistance, you will have a reliable product for all uses in the kitchen!

A stronger structure does not necessarily mean greater amounts of aluminum present in the trays. In our laboratories we have developed a product that meets the requirements of public health which are required for all products that come into contact with food; at the same time we were able to design a structure much stronger than average, the ace in the hole in professional kitchens where aluminium storage containers are much used.

The aluminum containers produced by Contital are designed to be resistant but also functional and efficient. In fact, the design of aluminium storage containers is very ergonomic and provides a comfortable grip, an important requirement in professional kitchen, especially in case of hectic pace . Do you want to learn more about the technical characteristics of our aluminum trays? Get in touch with us via the contact details available on Contital Web site, we will explain the value of the Contital’s products!

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