Round aluminium containers

Round aluminum containers represent one of the many types of trays that can be purchased in supermarkets or other stores. There are different sizes, with a diameter that can vary from 18 to 40 centimeters, and can be used to prepare sweet recipes – pies, capresi, cheesecake – or savory – quiche, pizzas -.

Round containers are very popular in aluminum thanks to the multiple properties of this material that:

– Guarantees homogeneous cooking of the product

– Distributes heat evenly in the traditional oven

– can be easily customizable

– Protects the environment by being 100 percent recyclable

Contital round trays

Contital produces different types of round aluminum containers, both wrinklewall and smoothwall and semi smoothwall. In particular, one of the most popular models is the Happy Day: a reusable and extra-rigid circular tray. This product is characterized by:

– A modern design compared to the pans currently on the market

– A reinforced edge with a diameter of 5 millimeters

– A perfectly smooth bottom for non-stick cooking

Happy Day® is also realized with a saving of 15 percent of raw material compared to traditional containers. It is currently available in more than 10 sizes and all are available in colored versions, different from plain aluminum.

In 2017, Contital’s round tray also won the prestigious Alufoil Trophy awarded by EAFA (European Aluminum Foil Association) in the “Resource Efficiency” category.


To have more information about our Happy Day container, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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