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Round aluminium tray with lid

There are several varieties of round aluminium trays that can be closed with special lids. In particular, this type of container is mainly used for cooking cakes or other types of sweet recipes. In fact, being an excellent conductor, aluminium distributes heat evenly improving the cooking of food in traditional ovens. Furthermore, the convenience of sealing these containers with specific closures makes them suitable for food delivery and take-away sector. The lids can be of different types: plastic preformed or laminated cardboard lids.

Small round aluminum trays

Round aluminium trays can be of different sizes, bigger or smaller. As written in the previous paragraph, both are mainly used for cooking desserts, but in particular, as well as for specific desserts such as petit gateau, the small-sized trays are also used for savory recipes such as flans. By virtue of this, Contital has created the Flan range. These are suitable both for preparing small cake with a soft and creamy filling and for cooking cheese-based flans. The containers are also made with the innovative Bake-eeze system which prevents the food from sticking to the surface of the tray itself. Some of these formats can be closed with special clear lids.

Aluminium trays with clear lids

In addition to the Flan line, Contital produces other round aluminium trays with clear lids: the Happy Days. These semi-smoothwall containers are extra-rigid, characterized by a reinforced and completely closed edge to eliminate any possibility of cutting; as well as a smooth bottom that guarantees non-stick cooking. The Happy Days are available in the plain and lacquered version, and can be closed with specific pre-formed plastic lids: perfect for keep food safe during transport.

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