Round aluminum trays: applications and advantages

Round aluminum trays are widely used by food industry because they are considered handy and easy to use. Round containers are suitable for the preparation of cakes and pies and are available in different shapes and sizes. In addition itโ€™s safe to put them in the oven thanks to the aluminium theyโ€™re made of. Indeed, aluminium is a really good conductor and homogeneously distributes heat. In addition, all aluminium foil containers are 100% recyclable.

Round reusable aluminium containers

Contital provides different types of round aluminium trays: wrinklewall, smoothwall and semi-smoothwall. Happy Day is a new line of professional semi smoothwall containers. It has a modern and stylish design and has a reinforced and rolled rim that improves consumer safety when handling. Happy Day containers have a smooth base that guarantees a prefect non-stick effect and are eco-friendly with 15% less of raw material compared to traditional trays.

Happy Day: special aluminium trays

Happy Day aluminium containers are manufactured with a special Contital patented solution named Bake-eeze. Itโ€™s a vegetable lubricant with a food-grade additive that gives non-stick properties to trays, solving the problem of food getting stuck to sides or base.

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