Round and small aluminium foil containers

Round and small aluminium foil containers

What is the first model of aluminium foil trays that you think of if we add the “round and small” features? Most likely you will think of the containers that are usually used to prepare the petit gateau or both sweet and savory soufflés. Round and small aluminum foil trays, in fact, are mainly used to make oven-baked single portions even if, not infrequently, they are also chosen to prepare puddings. All this is possible thanks to the intrinsic properties of aluminium: a material that can be used to cook or heat in a traditional oven or microwave, or to cool and freeze in the refrigerator or freezer.

Flan: small and round aluminum foil trays

Specially designed to prepare the sweet and savory recipes just described, Contital Flan line is made up of round and small aluminum foil trays. This range of useful containers is available with different lacquers – which give multiple colors – and is intended for the food industry, pastry shops, delis and consumers. Manufactured with the Bake-eeze® system, it also has excellent non-stick properties. This feature avoids the addition of fats (butter, oil and margarine) and makes the final product certainly healthier. The Flan line is also available with special transparent lids in recycled material: this make it perfect to the transport of any recipes. Obviously, being made of aluminium, these containers are 100% recyclable, representing a valid option for all those who support the choice of a more sustainable life.


If you are interested in Flan, our range of round and small aluminium foil containers, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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