single-use trays for microwave

What single-use trays can you use in a microwave oven?

Can you put single-use trays in the microwave? It depends on the material. For example, disposable aluminium trays can also be put in the microwave oven to heat up ready meals. Equally this type of container can also go in the traditional oven: these uses are just some of the advantages of single-use aluminum containers. In fact, they can also be placed in the refrigerator or freezer to store previously cooked foods or to prepare desserts and cakes that require freezing. Furthermore, aluminium is a totally and infinitely recyclable material, allowing the containers to be 100% disposed of once used.

Single-use trays with lid

In addition to being used to heat food in the microwave or to store it in the refrigerator, single-use aluminium trays are also often used to eat outside the home. For this reason, the trays should be able to be closed with special lids, ideal for transporting food in complete safety.

Contital manufactures disposable containers with lids of various types:

  • the extra-rigid smoothwall trays, available in plain and lacquered aluminium, can be sealed with PET lids or heat-sealed with liquid-saving film
  • wrinklewall containers can be closed with aluminium or cardboard closures

Smoothwalls trays have a predominantly rectangular shape while Wrinklewalls containers can also be circular and square. Furthermore, both lines include different sizes based on the customer’s final needs.

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