Takeaway aluminium foil containers

Over the last year, companies working in the food sector have had to devise a new food delivery model. The need arose to satisfy a different way of consuming food and led to an increasing demand for takeaway foil containers. In fact, the growth in the last months of online ordering platforms is undeniable, followed by the increase of orders directly from the restaurants.

Stimulated by these changes, Contital, a company that supplies aluminum trays and rolls for more than 25 years, has launched a new line of takeaway aluminum foil containers: a premium range of smoothwall trays.

Benefits of Takeaway aluminium foil containers

The new line of smoothwall aluminum containers is extra rigid, complete with liquid-saving lids and can be used in both traditional and microwave ovens. To meet the different needs of consumers, the innovative range includes aluminium food trays of different shapes and sizes, available in the plain or lacquered version (particularly suitable for highly acidic and salty foods).

In addition, Contital take-away foil containers, being made of aluminum, protect food from light, humidity and contaminants; and are 100 percent recyclable.

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