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Takeaway Containers for Hot Food

A few months ago, we would have ordered frozen food online rather than hot food, but now even the demand for takeaway containers for hot food is growing more and more. Obviously the spread of Covid-19 has changed our social and eating habits. The turnout in restaurants has decreased and is struggling to return to what it once was. On the other hand, the demand for takeaway food, capable of satisfying even the most disparate needs and satisfying the concern for an epidemic that does not seem to stop yet, continues to grow. This is why, having to choose, we prefer to order any dish, even more elaborate.

Take away food containers

For all these reasons, the Italian Health Institute has issued guidelines to follow both for restaurateurs offering take-away service and for customers who choose to make use of this offer. Merchants must encourage contactless payment rather than cache. At the time of pick-up, customers must have sanitizing products at their disposal. Restaurateurs must reserve an area specifically for the pick-up of food. In addition, food must be placed in takeaway containers suitable for food contact (MOCA). This last point suggests that aluminum containers are particularly suitable for takeaway food.

Aluminium trays

Why do we recommend aluminum trays especially for the takeaway hot food? First of all, aluminum is a safe material in contact with food; it protects food from light and gas; it has the ability to conduct temperature quickly and evenly; and if needed, it can go to the oven or microwave to further heat the food. Contital can supply several aluminium food trays.

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