Takeaway containers with lids

In recent years, food sector operators are increasingly requesting trays suitable for the food delivery market. In particular, the takeaway containers must be able to be closed with special lids, must ensure high safety and hygiene measures and must be respectful of the environment.Aluminum, thanks to its intrinsic properties, appears to be a material capable of satisfying these needs by creating trays capable of protecting food from external agents and contaminants, while preserving its taste and aroma. Furthermore, the possibility of closing the containers with specific lids makes them suitable for transporting and storing food.

Aluminium take-away containers

As the world of food delivery is constantly evolving, Contital, a company that has been producing and distributing aluminium food trays throughout Europe for more than thirty years, has decided to develop a Food Delivery & Take Away Line capable of being in step with the times. The range, specially made for this market, consists of over 60 items including Smoothwall, Semi Smoothwall and Wrinklewall aluminium take-away containers. All types can be used to cook and heat food in the traditional oven and in the microwave oven and can be stored in the refrigerator and freezer to preserve food and avoid food waste.

Single-use takeaway containers

Smoothwall single-use take-away trays are extra-rigid, available in plain or lacquered version (white / terracotta or black / gold), and resealable with lids in recyclable material. Semi Smoothwall are circular, non-stick, rigid and resistant containers; available with lid and particularly suitable for cakes, desserts and pizzas. The Wrinklewall takeaway trays, on the other hand, are resealable with laminated cardboards lids and are ideal for takeaways, restaurants and catering.

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