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The results of our 2015!

The 2015 year is ending and Contital as annually reviews the results obtained. The last twelve months confirm a growing company and give us new prospects of technical and commercial development. Today our aluminium food containers are a guarantee in the market, we started new partnerships with clients all over the world but in the same time we have consolidated our customer portfolio. In Contital’s laboratories new efficient solutions were designed to give our customers the right option for their business.

The prospect to being stronger and more competitive in the market of aluminium food containers gives us the will to improve our standards and create a more and more reliable product. In addition we don’t forget the importance of good environmental policies, we work every day to reduce every kind of wastefulness in  the supply chain of aluminium food containers. These are the objectives and the ideas for 2016, if you want to know more, get in touch with us via the contact details available on line! Meanwhile we wish our customers and partners happy New Year, see you in 2016!

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