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What are aluminium containers used for?

Aluminium container can be used in different ways based on the reason for which it was purchased. Obviously the main reason why you buy an aluminium tray is to contain food; but, it is essential to remember what are the possible uses of a container. In fact, it can:

  • be put in the refrigerator to store prepared foods
  • be stored in the freezer to increase food shelf life
  • be put in the traditional oven to cook food
  • be put in the microwave oven to reheat pre-cooked food

In addition to identifying the main uses of a food tray, it should be emphasized that another fundamental function of an aluminium container is to transport food wherever you want. This feature can be particularly useful if you want to buy or order ready meals at a restaurant or deli, or, alternatively, if you want to prepare a recipe at home to take it to the office or consume it outside for an out-of-town trip. To perform this function, the trays can often be closed with special lids of various materials: cardboard, aluminium, pet.

Where do you throw aluminium containers?

Once the aluminium tray has been used for one of the many reasons listed above, the question arises: where do you throw it away? In general, the bin varies according to the indications of your Municipality but one element that never changes is the way in which a tray must be thrown away.

In fact, it is good to know that an aluminium container must not be rinsed before being thrown away; it is enough that it is cleaned of all the food residues contained, balled up and finally thrown away. This procedure is the simplest way to ensure correct separate collection.

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