Why are aluminium foil containers so used?

Aluminium foil containers are among the most popular food products in the world. In 2018 over 1 million tons of alu food containers were sold globally; in addition, according to the FMI (Future Market Insights) researchers, the 2019 will close with a further increase of 4%. The study shows that the key factor of this growth is the attention consumers are paying to eco packaging solutions. The increasing demand of the users is poised to be complemented by unwavering demand from multiple sectors, including foodservice, retail & supermarket, and others.

Why are aluminium foil containers so used?

Aluminium foil containers are widely used thanks to the excellent barrier properties of the aluminium. It protects food against water and gas, distributes the temperature homogeneously and quickly, is sterile and safe for use in direct contact with food. In addition, its lightness has a positive effect on the transportation costs.

Aluminium producers

Contital is one of the most important aluminium producers in Europe. The company provides a great variety of aluminium product including trays and rolls. All of them respect the highest standards and are conformed to European and FDA(Food and Drug Administration) regulations.

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