Why choose Contital: one of the most important aluminium food containers manufacturers in Europe

Founded by Laminazione Sottile Group in 1991, Contital is one of the main aluminium food containers manufacturers in Europe. Sustainability, food safety and innovation are the values that inspire the company always want the satisfaction of the customer.

Contital aluminium food containers

From the design of the product up to its realization and distribution to the clients, Contital takes care of all its business. Investments in research and development sector allowed the creation of innovative product lines including Happy Day line, winner of the prestigious Alufoil Trophy 2017, and of new solutions as Bake-eezeยฎ, a patented system created to manufacture aluminium non-stick containers.

The company is also constantly committed to producing environmentally friendly products such as the line of lacquered aluminum plates, made with 100 percent recycled material.

Aluminium in food packaging: sustainability and benefits

Contital mission is to guarantee sustainable and 100% recyclable products. Aluminium, thanks to its properties, is the perfect material for food packaging: itโ€™s lightweight, versatile, impermeable and has a high thermal conductivity.

In addition, food safety is one of the principles underlying all the Contital activities. For this reason Contital is a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified company, which represents the global standard for the safety of food products. In this specific case, for the safety of aluminium food contact.

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