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Contital is one of the leading global suppliers of aluminium products. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities include production capacity of 30 presses and 400 tools. Founded in 1991 in the industrial area of Pignataro Maggiore, Contital is part of the Group Laminazione Sottile.

With 9,000 tonnes of aluminium a year converted and an annual turnover of more than €45 million, we are leading European based manufactures of aluminium and Pet trays, supplying over 40 countries worldwide with the highest quality products and innovative packaging solutions for the food industry.

In 2004 Contital starts the production of PET containers for food packaging.

In 2009 Contital acquires i2r Packaging Solution, a UK company specialising in the production of smooth wall aluminium foil containers for food industries.

In 2011 we expanded the total storage area available from 12.000 meter sqare to 17.000 meter square meters, in order to to satisfy the latest growing developments in term of volumes and different market's sectors.

Important strategic partnerships with customers and retailers, throughout the supply chain, are at the heart of Contital’s business ethos.