Aluminium Plates

Contital launched an innovative and patented product range: the aluminium plates. This sustainable solution has been conceived for catering industry, Mass Market Retailers and final consumers. Aluminium plates come in a variety of sizes (bowl, soup, multi-purpose, dinner and dessert plate) and shapes (both square and round) and are meant to hold pasta, soup, meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and desserts, including acid and salty foods.

Plates are made with 100% recycled aluminium and are manufactured with a particular design that: minimizes transport space, optimizes product display on stores shelves, enhances the lightness of the product.

Thanks to the coating, aluminium plates are suitable for traditional and microwave ovens, and for freezing and deep freezing. In addition, they can be sealed with both traditional and bio film to provide a leak proof pack that guarantees safety and hygiene.

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