Best Packaging 2017: Happy Day finalist at Oscar dell’Imballaggio.

Since 1957 “Oscar dell’Imballaggio” awards the best packaging designed in Italy standing out for technical innovation, design and sustainability.

The Happy Day line by Contital has impressed the jury: the innovation is in the new patented moulding which makes containers lightweight, more rigid and reusable.

These features let Happy Day be the ideal solution for industrial manufacturers of baked goods and pastry, but perfect for small confectioners, takeaways and home-consumers too.

Happy Day contributes to environmental sustainability by using 15% less raw material to reduce CO2 emissions.

Finalist packaging will be shown during the Milan Design Week at the “Best Packaging” exhibition, from April 4th to 10th in Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art Gallery – via dell’Orso 12, Milan.

During the first day of the event, the eclectic artist “Roxy in the Box” will carry out the works of the “Kitakkat” exhibition, reinterpreting the classic function of packaging in a new strongly communicative way.

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