The Conai awards Contital

Contital was awarded by CONAIย Eco-design Competition for having optimized the AS221000 aluminium container. The raw material used to manufacture the tray has been reduced without causing a loss of rigidity and improving its environmental impact.

AS221000 aluminium container

AS221000 Smoothwall aluminium container is a rectangular tray with a G rim. Smoothwall Line has cut-away corners that give increased strength for reduction in shelf damage and increases consumer safety when handling hot products. These containers are ideal for packaging ready to cook convenience products.

Eco-design Competition

The 2020 edition of the Eco-design competition, promoted by the National Packaging Consortium, awarded companies that have revised their packaging, reducing the environmental impact. Almost 300 proposals reported for their innovative ideas, competed for the jackpot.

Thanks to this recognition, Contital has shown once again that innovation and sustainability are two of the most important key concepts integrated into company systems. A company that looks to the future respecting the environment.


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