Contital becomes Ambassador of the Packaging Ethical Charter

Contital is proud to announce that it has become the official Ambassador of the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation to spread, support and protect the culture of packaging based on the principles and concepts expressed in the homonymous document written in 2015. As Ambassador, Contital aims to create economic development and employment along the supply chain in full compliance with the 10 Values ​​of the Charter. According to the document, the company is committed to designing and using packaging that is: responsible, balanced, safe, accessible, transparent, informative, contemporary, forward-looking, educational and sustainable.

What’s the Packaging Ethical Charter Foundation?

The Foundation, born in May 2020, is a non-profit organization chaired by Anna Paola Cavanna, former President of the Italian Packaging Institute, and counts among its vice-presidents Ciro Sinagra, Senior Advisor R&D Manager of the Laminazione Sottile Group, of which Contital is part.Β The purpose of the Foundation, and of all its Ambassadors, is to support projects and paths with a view to responsible packaging by stimulating an evolution that is in full respect of the consumer, the user, the environment and society.


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