Legambiente Campania: – Waste + Recycle

Between 2021 and 2022 Contital collaborated with Legambiente Campania, an Italian non-profit association that has been involved for more than forty years in informing, raising awareness and involving citizens in activities to protect the environment and environmental resources in general.

Together we launched the project – Waste + Recycle, whose objective was to promote and enhance the use of aluminum against food waste.

Why exactly aluminum?

Aluminum is a material defined as eco-friendly as it’s 100 percent and infinitely recyclable. Furthermore, the recycling of aluminum saves up to 95 percent of the energy required for the production of virgin aluminium, thus avoiding the corresponding CO2 emissions.

Why is it important to avoid food waste?

Halving food waste is one of the priorities of the European Union. According to Eurostat data, each EU citizen wastes an average of 180 kg of food a year and Italians are in fifteenth place in the food waste ranking with an average of 149 kg per year/capita. According to the FAO, food lost or thrown away in Europe could feed 200 million people. However, preventing food waste is not only an ethical problem. Reducing the amount of uneaten food and the resulting waste would lead to economic savings and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

The awareness campaign – Waste + Recycling concerned the region of Campania, Italy, and involved both Food Industry Professionals and citizens.

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