Happy Day

Happy Day is the innovative line for bakery and pastry industry, but also ideal for home use. Happy Day are semi smooth containers in aluminium: rigid, reusable and suitable for the preparation of cakes and pies. Aluminium, being a good conductor, homogeneously distributes heat, improving the cooking of food in both professional and domestic ovens.

Two new formats extend Happy Day line:

  • a deep-drawn container, ideal for ring-shaped cakes and soft pies
  • a low tray, 2cm high, perfect for tarts, low pies and pizzas

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Features of Happy Day aluminium containers

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Discover our New Line of
 Aluminium Plates

1. Infinitely Recyclable
2. Can be used for the contact with all kinds of food 
3. Suitable for traditional and microwave oven 
4. Suitable for freezing and deep freezing

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