Lacquered Smoothwall aluminium containers



Contital provides plain or lacquered Smoothwall aluminium foil containers. They are perfect for packaging high quality ready to cook convenience products. The containers have a smooth rim that can be lidded with film to provide a leak proof pack for food preservation over a long shelf life. They can also be lidded with our own range of plastic clip-on lids.

Lacquered Smoothwall aluminium containers have high corrosion resistance. Shelf life extension can be increased by applying lacquers which improve seal integrity with either flexible plastic films for reduction in oxygen and humidity permeability or aluminium lidding materials to prevent any light degradation.

The complete range can be used for oven cooking and grilling and can be lacquered in various colors.

Features of Lacquered Smoothwall aluminium containers

  • Strength and lightness
  • Standard white / terracotta lacquer, other colors on request
  • Aesthetic enhancing
  • Usable for cooking and heating
  • PET clip-on lids
  • Suitable for ready meals
  • Ability to withstand the rigours of pasteurisation and sterilisation using retort processes
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