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New Design Contital

New design for Contital. It’s time to make this change. Our society has changed aluminium containers design. We have changed the design of five wrinkle wall aluminium food containers to make them more efficient. The purpose of Contital is to offer a wide range of containers, adapting our products to our customers’ needs.

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Features of new aluminium containers wrinkle wall

Item Top out Top in Base Depth Capacity
R9G 125 x 100114 x 8994 x 69 34 280
R6G 195 x 125179 x 109 167 x 98 24440
R1G 210 x 140195 x 125175 x 105 38 800
R12G 210 x 141194 x 125177×108 28 610
R32G 322 x 262298 x 238277×218 40 2625
R31G 322 x 262298 x 238273×213 50 3260
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