Ultra Containers

The patented line of Ultra aluminium containers has a registered design and uses a new style of embossing to dramatically increase the resistance reducing the gauge, price point and environmental impact of the product. On the base of the tray, an “Alu” recyclable logo and a “rinse & recycle” message are included to remind to the consumer the infinitive recyclability of aluminium.

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Characteristics of Ultra Aluminium Trays

  • Base Emboss: adds a significant amount of additional strength
  • Structural Step: helps during the sealing process and during transportation
  • Wall to base ribbing: provides an increase in structural strength which delivers a further reduction in packaging weight
  • “Rinse & recycle”: to remind that aluminium is 100% recyclable
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Discover our New Line of
 Aluminium Plates

1. Infinitely Recyclable
2. Can be used for the contact with all kinds of food 
3. Suitable for traditional and microwave oven 
4. Suitable for freezing and deep freezing

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