What are the benefits of recycling aluminium?

recycling aluminium

Aluminium is a versatile, resistant and lightweight material that lends itself to multiple uses, from food packaging to car bodies. Its wide use is due to its different properties, the most important being that it is a material that can be recycled infinitely without losing its properties. But why is this feature so important? What […]


Use of aluminium in the kitchen, what properties does it have?

use of aluminium

In the world of food packaging, the choice of material plays a crucial role in ensuring the freshness and safety of products. For this reason, the use of aluminium in the kitchen is particularly widespread as it offers a unique combination of properties that make it ideal for protecting and preserving food and drinks, as […]


Sustainable and single-use aluminium plates

single-use aluminium plates

If we read single-use aluminium plates, we will hardly think of a truly sustainable product because although most of the products we buy are now made to have a particularly short life cycle, not all of them can be recycled. As a result, we are witnessing an increase in waste, even though there are now […]


Aluminium recycling process

aluminium recycling process

Aluminium recycling involves a series of processes aimed at recovering and reusing aluminium products to create new ones. Recycling aluminium is extremely advantageous as it allows you to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preserve natural resources and minimize the environmental impact associated with mining and the extraction of new aluminium from the raw material. […]


What is the meaning of food waste?

food waste

Food waste is food that, although intended for consumption, is lost, deteriorated or wasted. This can happen at any point along the entire supply chain, from cultivation to harvest, from sale to the end-user. In fact, food waste does not only mean the food that consumers don’t end up in restaurants or throw away at […]


What causes food waste?

Food waste

Food waste is caused by multiple factors and incorrect behaviors which can be modified by acquiring new, more conscious and sustainable ways of living. Before understanding how to reduce this problem in your daily life, it is a good idea to analyze the causes behind food waste:


How do you dispose of dirty aluminium foil trays?

dirty aluminium foil trays

If we talk about separate collection, it’s often recommended to follow the guidelines of your municipality of residence. Most of the time we read that aluminium must be thrown into the appropriate bin dedicated to the collection of this material as it’s infinitely recyclable and, so, reusable in the manufacturing of new products. Consequently, we […]


Which waste bin should aluminium tray go into?

aluminium tray waste collection

We hear more and more often about separate waste collection and, not infrequently, there are doubts about where some of the products we use most often in our daily life should be thrown away, such as aluminium trays. But, before understanding where single use containers should be disposed, it’s good to know where the differentiation […]


Aluminium characteristics: 5 particular advantages of this material

Aluminium characteristics

Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals on Earth and has several characteristics: it’s versatile, light, flexible and durable. In addition, this material can be easily worked through different production processes and this property makes it suitable for use in different markets. But, in particular, what are the 5 most particular advantages thanks to […]


How to separate aluminium correctly in Italy?

raccolta differenziata alluminio

How to separate aluminium correctly in Italy? The bin in which you put aluminium depends on the provisions of your Municipality. What is certain is that aluminium is an infinitely and 100 percent recyclable material; for this reason, it surely will have to be separated.

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