Aluminium: a sustainable material

In the past few years, aluminium industry has increasingly emphasized the need to progressively reduce its environmental impact. On the website of Centroal – Italian Aluminium Center – we can read in support of this purpose that from the 90s the aluminium industry has reduced CO2 equivalent emissions from primary production by 53% and PFC emissions by 90%. The support that this sector is giving and wants to give to the environment is facilitated by the intrinsic properties of aluminum that make it 100% recyclable and perfect for several applications.

Aluminium benefits

In the automotive market, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aluminium offers even greater weight savings, ranging from 40 percent to 50 percent compared to competing material. In the building sector, it increases energy efficiency and allows the construction of lighter and more innovative structures. In the food&beverage field aluminium is constantly recycled and then reused: the can is the most recycled product in the world and only in Europe, in 2011 for example, 68 percent of it was recycled. Using recycled material has significant benefits for the Earth because it reduces air pollution and preserves the environment. So, the infinite recyclability of aluminium is even more interesting if we consider that every citizen uses 22 kg of aluminum per year.

Contital fully supports the commitment promoted by the aluminium industry to the point that in 2020 it launched a product made of 100% recycled aluminium: the disposable plates. If you’re interested in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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