Aluminium characteristics

Aluminium characteristics: 5 particular advantages of this material

Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals on Earth and has several characteristics: it’s versatile, light, flexible and durable. In addition, this material can be easily worked through different production processes and this property makes it suitable for use in different markets. But, in particular, what are the 5 most particular advantages thanks to which aluminium has become one of the most used materials today?

  • Lightness: this property favors the shipment and storage of products as well as the transport of waste at the end of the life of the articles.
  • Cost-effectiveness: aluminium is cheaper than similar metals such as steel in terms of the overall economic cycle. The benefits of the weight reduction obtained with aluminium alloys are particularly important for the transport sector.
  • Resistance: it’s particularly resistant to UV rays, contaminants, fungi and bacteria
  • Safety: aluminium is a safe material in contact with food and medicines. For this reason it’s often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Infinite recyclability: it can be recycled countless times to be used again in different ways without ever losing any of its intrinsic properties

What is aluminium used for?

We mentioned in the previous paragraph that aluminium is a metal that can be used in various sectors such as food packaging. This material, in fact, lends itself easily to making a multiplicity of food trays, different in shape and size.

Contital has been manufacturing aluminium foil containers for over thirty years, supplying a wide range of trays in plain or lacquered material (also suitable for contact with acidic and salty foods). Aluminium is particularly suitable for this purpose since it is not harmful to health and is also an odorless material: it does not alter in any way the taste and fragrance of the foods. Aluminium trays, unlike others, are also 100 percent recyclable without negatively impacting the environment around us.

If you want more information on the different ranges of Contital aluminium trays, take a look at our online catalog!

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