dirty aluminium foil trays

How do you dispose of dirty aluminium foil trays?

If we talk about separate collection, it’s often recommended to follow the guidelines of your municipality of residence. Most of the time we read that aluminium must be thrown into the appropriate bin dedicated to the collection of this material as it’s infinitely recyclable and, so, reusable in the manufacturing of new products. Consequently, we know that single-use aluminium foil trays also follow this same indication. Yet, often, it’s not specified whether the trays can be thrown away immediately after the use, still dirty, or whether they must first be cleaned or even rinsed as we would do with any other ceramic plate.

5 tips for throwing away single use aluminium foil trays

If you too have had a doubt about where to throw dirty aluminium foil trays, here are five practical tips to remember:

1 โ€“ Single use aluminium trays are always thrown into the bin dedicated to the collection of aluminium

2 โ€“ Aluminium containers must be cleaned before being sorted

3 โ€“ There is no need to wash the tray, it’s sufficient to eliminate any food residue

4 โ€“ Before throwing away the container, it’s better to ball it up, reducing its volume

5 โ€“ If the tray has a plastic film or a lid, you have to separate it from this one before throwing it away

From these practical tips it’s clear that dirty aluminium foil trays follow the same process as aluminium containers and should be thrown into the same bins; the only difference is that they must be cleaned of the food or products they previously contained.

For more information on using single use aluminium trays, read our blog!

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