vaschette alluminio dove buttarle

How to dispose of aluminium tray?

The aluminium trays can be put into the recycling bin set up for the collection of several metals, only aluminium, aluminium and plastic or aluminium and glass. Obviously these possibilities vary according to the rules of differentiated waste collection implemented by your Municipality. However, there are some tips that it’s good to follow regardless of the recycling bin in which to put it; aluminium foil containers, in fact, can be put even if dirty or greasy without needing to be rinsed. Naturally, however, they must not contain food residues and must be completely empty. Another suggestion to remember is that it’s better to roll up the trays by reducing their volume, before throwing them away rather than placing them whole in the appropriate bin. This last action will facilitate the selection phases that will anticipate the recycling.

Aluminium tray recycling: why is it important?

Aluminium is a sustainable material because it’s 100 percent recyclable and its properties remain unchanged even when it is recycled. The recycling of aluminium trays and more allows you to save 95 percent of energy compared to that needed to produce it from virgin material. In turn, the use of recycled material in the creation of common objects brings significant benefits to the planet by reducing pollution and preserving the environment. The infinite recyclability of aluminium is even more interesting if we consider that every citizen uses an average of 22 kg of aluminum per year.

Analyzing these elements, we can state that aluminium is a perfect example of circular economy: it can be reused, thus reducing the consumption of waste, and, of course, recycled.


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