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How to separate aluminium correctly in Italy?

How to separate aluminium correctly in Italy? The bin in which you put aluminium depends on the provisions of your Municipality. What is certain is that aluminium is an infinitely and 100 percent recyclable material; for this reason, it surely will have to be separated.

Having established this, we can state that in general there are two possibilities for recycling aluminium:


  • put it in the glass, aluminum and steel bin
  • put it in the bin dedicated to the collection of plastic and metals


Once you have studied the provisions of your Municipality, it’s good to know what we can throw away if we want to carry out a correct separate collection of aluminium. We will be able to throw away: beverage cans, bottles, food cans, single use trays, spray cans, cosmetic tubes, kitchen roll foils, chocolate packaging, caps, oenological capsules and lids.

It’s important to remember that the sorted trash can be disposed of in two different ways: through door to door collection; at collection points scattered in the different neighborhoods.

Aluminium foil container: how to recycle it?

Since we have written that even the most common aluminium foil container can be recycled, if thrown in the bin indicated by your Municipality; it’s essential to remember that it can be differentiated without being rinsed first: it will be sufficient to clean it and squash it.

Disseminating this information is necessary given that Italy is proving to be a particularly virtuous country in this field: according to the latest CIAL (Consorzio imballaggi alluminio) data, in 2022, as many as 73.6 percent of the aluminium packaging placed on the market was recycled. Beyond Italy, in Europe the highest amount of aluminium is recycled per capita in the world.

Finding out how to separate aluminium correctly is therefore essential to continue this positive trend.

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