Step-by-Step Process of Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium recycling involves different steps that begin with the collection of all products made with this material. In some Italian municipalities, aluminium is collected together with other waste which includes different materials; therefore, the first step obviously involves the division of aluminium from the other materials at specific selection centres. The aluminium that doesn’t end up in separate collection is, on the other hand, used to produce energy in incineration plants.

Meanwhile, the differentiated material is pressed into bales and sent to the foundry where it’s pre-treated at high temperatures and melted to obtain ingots and plaques. From now on, it can be used to make new products. The particularity of recycled products is that they will have the same properties as those made with primary aluminium.

Aluminum recycling in Italy

Italy is the leader in Europe for aluminium recycling. In this sector, in fact, Italy seems to be particularly virtuous especially when it comes to packaging: one of the main applications of this material. As can be seen from the latest data released by CIAL – National Consortium for Aluminum Packaging, 73.6% of aluminium packaging on the market was recycled in 2022. This means that the recycling rate of Italian aluminium packaging has already exceeded the European targets set for 2025 (50%) and 2030 (60%).

The latest data confirm how aluminium recycling is a fundamental process that all companies working with this material must consider. Economy, energy and environment are just some of the players involved in this process which only brings benefits.

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