Sustainability and Separate Collection

Separate collection is the only way to recycle waste respecting the principles of sustainability. For this reason, the โ€‹circular economy idea is the basis for a society focused on the concept of recycling. Recycling waste means to be sure that itโ€™ll come back to the market in the form of a similar or different product by limiting the use of non-renewable natural resources. Aluminium is a material that perfectly represents this concept: it is infinitely recyclable without losing quality and its recycle saves 95% of the energy that is required to make new product from raw material.

Aluminium Separate Collection

So, aluminium saves both raw materials and energy. But what are the guidelines to follow for a good quality aluminium separate collection? CIAL, Italian Consortium for Aluminium Packaging Recycling, has made some video clips to explain 5 simple rules:

  • Cans, trays, food containers, aerosol spray and tubes foil capsuled closure can be 100% recycled
  • Follow your municipality instructions to know if aluminium can be recycled together with plastic or glass
  • It is not necessary to wash aluminium packaging, remember to empty it before separate collection
  • Small aluminium packaging are valuable and recyclable as well
  • In order to facilitate the recycling phases, roll up and compact thin packaging and small pieces

In 2019 Italy has confirmed itself as the vanguard of the European recycling industry, ranking third for packaging recovery (with a recycling rate of 67%), after Germany (71%) and Spain (70%). According to CONAI (National Packaging Consortium), 2020 will probably set a new Italian record in term of number of packaging with around 71.6%.  All this shows what results can be achieved by following simple guidelines that help to make a correct separate collection with respect to sustainability.

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