Sustainable packaging

Consumers are demanding to industries to be more socially and environmentally responsible because the concept of sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for people. But what is an eco-friendly packaging? It’s a packaging that reduces its environmental footprint because is composed by a recyclable, compostable or biodegradable material. The motto used by environmentalists to explain the birth of this new movement is “Reduce, reuse and recycle”. Reduce means to minimise the amount of waste we create. Reuse means using items more than once. Recycle refers to put a product to a new use instead of throwing it away.

Sustainable food packaging

One of the most widespread packaging is food packaging. So it’s very important to find a sustainable solution for this sector even if, for food contact materials, there are special safety considerations. Aluminium could be the right solution to this problem because it’s sterile and safe for use in direct contact with food. Obviously there some guidelines to follow: for example if an aluminium container contains food for more than 24h, stored at room temperature, it can contains only: coffee, sugar, bakery products and others. But having said that, we have to know that aluminium trays are 100% recyclable without any loss of them intrinsic properties. In addition, recycling aluminium saves around 95% of the energy needed to make the metal from raw materials. There are many other things to learn, but if you’re interested in this subject, please subscribe to our Newsletter!

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