food waste

What is the meaning of food waste?

Food waste is food that, although intended for consumption, is lost, deteriorated or wasted. This can happen at any point along the entire supply chain, from cultivation to harvest, from sale to the end-user. In fact, food waste does not only mean the food that consumers don’t end up in restaurants or throw away at home; but also the raw materials and products that are lost during the agricultural phase, the harvesting processes, transport and storage.

Incredibly, around a third of global food supplies are wasted every year. If food loss were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind China and the United States, and if it were a source of survival, it would be enough to feed three billion people: up to 200 million people in Europe, 300 million in Latin America and 300 million people in Africa.

What can we do to reduce food waste?

Reducing food waste is essential for a sustainable future; for this reason, you should commit to doing your part to avoid food losses. Some practices can be implemented every day thanks also to the help of food containers:

  • Reduce food portions. Calculating in advance how much you will eat can help you avoid throwing food away. Aluminium compartment containers can be a valid ally for portioning prepared meals.
  • Freeze uneaten food. If there is food left over at the end of a meal, it can be frozen to avoid throwing it away. Aluminium containers can be stored both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, allowing you to consume prepared food at a later time.
  • Store cooked fod appropriately. Planning meals in advance throughout the week can help you avoid waste. Thanks to the closure of specific lids, aluminium containers can be used to store already prepared food.

Adopting good consumption practices at home can be the first step to fight food waste. Contital supplies various aluminium foil containers, useful for doing your part in this daily process. Take a look at our Catalog and choose the food tray best suited to your needs!

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