Archivio May 2019 smoothwall Heat sealable food containers Heat sealable food containers provide a leak proof hermetic pack. This characteristic makes them an ... ricetta-torta-rustica-abruzzo Abruzzo – Cheese & Parsley Pie Ingredients 6 Eggs 3 ½ oz grated parmesan or pecorino cheese ½ cup flour ½ ... aluminium-tray-lid Aluminium food containers with lids Aluminium food containers with lids protect food against oxygen, humidity and light for a long ... aluminium-recycle How to Recycle Aluminum Trays Aluminum is the most recyclable of all materials and it can be recycled infinitely without ... bake-eeze-aluminium-containers Bake-eeze: the non-stick system Contital has patented Bake-eeze®, an innovative system that gives non-stick properties to aluminium foil containers. ... focaccia-recipe Liguria – Focaccia Recipe Ingredients 1/2 cup water 4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil ½ oz yeast 1½ cup flour Salt contenitori-alluminio-spreco-alimentare. Reducing food waste with aluminium foil containers Studies commissioned by FAO estimated that every year 1/3 of all food produced for human ... aluminium-trays-oven Is it safe to put aluminum containers in the oven? Aluminum containers are perfect for storing and preserving food because they are light-weight and strong. ... Find Out The Features of the Aluminium Storage Containers The aluminium storage containers by Contital are available with many models!
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Discover our New Line of
 Aluminium Plates

1. Infinitely Recyclable
2. Can be used for the contact with all kinds of food 
3. Suitable for traditional and microwave oven 
4. Suitable for freezing and deep freezing

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