Archivio February 2016 Aluminium Contital Aluminium foil roll: the perfect tool in the food industry The Aluminium foil roll is the perfect tool for the flexible packaging. A little amount of product gives ... Aluminum-foil-roll The Advanteges of Contital’s Aluminum Foil Roll The aluminum foil roll manufactured by Contital is one of strongest example of versatility and reliability that distinguish ... Aluminum storage containers good design The customization of Aluminum Foil Roll and others Contital’s Products Contital offers a professional line of aluminum products intended to be used in professional environments ... Aluminum foil roll - Enviromental Enviromental Policies By Contital Contital is a modern company and gives great importance to the case of eco-sustainability. Our aluminum ... The Safe Use of aluminum in kitchen The aluminum products are useful in the kitchen, they are used to cook foods but ...
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