Archivio June 2019 packaging-alimentare Aluminium containers suppliers: sustainable and innovative packaging Nowadays aluminium containers suppliers have to offer a great variety of sustainable and innovative packaging. ... spreco-alimentare How to reduce food waste Food waste has reached unimaginable proportions: FAO affirms that food wastage amounts to between 280 ... sgrassaggio-contenitori Chemical degreasing process for aluminium food trays Aluminium is the ideal material for food containers thanks to its properties: it provides a ... pangiallo-ricetta Lazio – Pangiallo Recipe Ingredients 200 gr almonds 200 g walnuts 200 gr hazelnuts 300 gr raisins 200 gr ... contenitori-rotondi Round aluminum trays: applications and advantages Round aluminum trays are widely used by food industry because they are considered handy and ... ricetta-focaccia-puglia Puglia – Focaccia Recipe Ingredients 1 ½ cup flour 1 ½ cup durum wheat flour 1 oz brewer’s yeast ... environmental-sustainability Environmental sustainability and aluminum industry Aluminium industry supports the fundamental concepts on which environmental sustainability is based: technical development and ... catalogo-online Contital Online Catalogue After the complete renewing of the Contital website, it’s high time for our new online ... contenitori-flan-contital Flan Catalogue Flan aluminium containers line is ideal for a great variety of sweet and savoury products. aluminium-food-tray Why choose Contital: one of the most important aluminium food containers manufacturers in Europe Founded by Laminazione Sottile Group in 1991, Contital is one of the main aluminium food ...
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